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What Should You Know About Pole Barn Garage?

A pole barn or pole building is used for a type of structure used for agricultural needs. In simplest terms, pole barn garages are large agricultural structures without a basement. It’s high-ceilinged, and it has wide-open spaces. It’s a type of post-frame construction and designed for efficiency and adaptability. There are large poles or posts buried in the ground for structural support. Pole barn garage has several advantages

Benefits of Pole Barns

Pole barn garages are easy to build, and it’s also practical as it doesn’t require many materials, to begin with. However, there is more to pole barn garages than just their structure. Check out these advantages to pole barn garage you need to know to help you decide if you want it for your farm or ranch. 

No need for a concrete foundation

Many farmers and ranchers favor pole barn garages because of their easy foundation. The building is supported by deep-set poles, so there’s no need for you or the contractor to prepare for a level bed concrete foundation to start the building process. The only concrete you need for the pole barn garage is the concrete for each footer for the poles. The lack of foundation within the building also allows for more flexibility. This means that you can re-crease or re-use your pole barn garage for other purposes. You can use it as a garage, a workshop, an event facility, an open shelter, a horse stable, or a man cave. The last one is pretty much a common and popular choice among many owners. It can be a good space for one to just rest and get away with. 

In terms of flexibility, you can easily extend the longevity of your building. You can do major additions and reconstructions if you want to make the building larger or even smaller. 


A building’s foundation typically covers about 10-20% of the building process’s total cost. Without using the deep-seated concrete foundation, you’re saving that 10-20% cost. Aside from that, pole barn buildings don’t require much wood. That means leasing materials and equating to less cost. 

You save for the labor and professional fee as well. The pole barn buildings are designed for efficiency, and there are not many walls, windows, and doors. This means that you don’t need so many people working on the building. If you are hiring a team of professionals, you’ll be saving on the labor cost and the overall construction time. 

Better insulation and airflow

The pole barn garages are created to have good ventilation and let air just pass through and through. It creates a more comfortable environment for your animals and other livestock. The wide spaces also allow for better insulation. With more spaces and a wall cavity, you have more insulation to work with. The idea is with less obstruction, and you have more room for insulation and a lesser chance for the cold air to travel through the wall. This then lowers your energy cost. 

Are you looking for your next building project?

Before you begin with a new building, you need to know that building a pole barn isn’t an easy undertaking. While it’s not as expensive as other building undertakings, it still is a huge project. Know that everyone has different financial capabilities, timelines, and skills. If you’re about to do it on your own, know that you have professionals who can help you build it. 

You may have had the idea in your head – you may have been wanting to build it, and now the time has come. Here are some tips you need to remember. The first thing you need to consider is to figure out what kind of building you want or its purpose. The type of building will determine the kind of assistance that you need from the professionals. There are different requirements for every pole barn building. There are permits, building code requirements, ventilation, material selection, and insulation purposes. You can choose between farm, commercial, or residential buildings. You can also have it for horse barns or for your repair and renovation room, where you do all the prep work. 

Knowing what you need will help you decide the right builders to help you. If you can’t make up your mind, SteelTech Buildings USA always a call away.

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