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Actually, no. The prefab steel buildings are one of the most practical options if you’re planning a new structure. It’s engineered specific to your needs and requirements which means you don’t have to buy other materials for the building.

Our buildings use 100% galvanized steel which means that it’s highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Many think that stele buildings only have an industrial look in it but in truth, steel buildings are customizable depending on your taste and take. So yes, you can make the request to have it look more traditional!

Yes! It’s one of the many things that you should love about us. Call us now and let’s talk about the needs and requirements of your building.

This is why people love us! Our free estimates is one of the reasons why you should get your phone and call us now for your roofing needs.

Steel Services FAQ

Steel buildings are designed to be resistant from the natural and man-made wear and tear. Unlike other materials, it could withstand rots, termites, molds, rust, and more. Our steel buildings could last for years despite the extreme weather.

Of course, you can! Much like any other buildings, you can make yours look unique depending on your aesthetics. With the modern technology, you can now design your steel building to fit your vision.

This depends on the size and the nature of the project. But surely, it’s far more faster to build your steel building compared to a traditional one. Check with us today and we will bring you up to speed on how long your project is going to take.


Yes! Steel buildings are far more environmentally friendly than the traditional materials. About 28% of steel materials are recycled by the end of its lifetime. Going green is all about recycling!

Our team is always ready to help with your needs and will provide you with a free estimate. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today!

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Darrel Anderson
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I had the great fortune to meet Bill Boehm, owner of WR Boehm Contracting LLC, during my search for a General Contractor to build a new home. The concept of a metal building with a large garage and wood framed living area inside the metal structure is relatively new to southwest Florida. The finished structure is fantastic having heard many compliments from friends, neighbors and subcontractors. I have a peace of mind knowing I have a maintenance free house that cannot burn, has a high wind rating, no electric bills with the solar panels installed on the roof and high R rating insulation, cannot be broken into due to a heavy lock system and impact resistant windows, and a backup generator for all electrical outages. This home is truly ready for any future hurricane. The experience of having this home built was exciting and stress free knowing that Bill was always on the job with his attention to detail. Bill’s many years of knowledge in the building trade is a great asset and shows in the finished product. I highly recommend this General Contractor for anyone interested in a quality built specialty constructed new home.

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