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Top Things to Avoid When Buying Steel Buildings

While concrete and woods are still aesthetically pleasing and work well for buildings and homes, many property owners today are making the shift from the usual materials to steel. In truth, steel buildings have more advantages over other building materials today. They are more customizable, more durable, quicker installation, high tensile strength, and lasts longer. Thus, it’s not surprising that many are choosing it over woods or concrete.

Homeowners are also slowly embracing the idea of steel buildings, incorporating it into some parts of their homes such as their sheds and garages. Despite the advantages though, some people are making mistakes when purchasing steel buildings. Check out these mistakes to avoid when buying steel buildings. 

Not defining your needs 

Having a vague idea of what you need is not enough. You need to build you and define your needs and requirements first before you dive into steel building. Don’t go to the ‘ballpark’ estimate right away. You don’t have to know the price of the car before you determine if you do need the car in the first place! The same is true for a steel building. You won’t get an accurate estimate if you don’t define the building you need. 

You first need to know what you need. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What’s the purpose of my steel building?
  • How much space do I need?
  • What roofing type/pitch do I want?
  • How many doors and windows does my steel building need?
  • How many levels do I want?
  • What other options do I have to include?

Not discussing the budget beforehand

Sales representatives will ask you questions on the size of the building you’re looking for, the size of the doors, the insulation, the gutters, the roofing types, and whatnot. They should also ask you about the long term plans you have for your building in 5 years or 10 years time. It’s good to remember that what you do inside the building affects the price of the building. The quality of materials used in the building impacts the building’s durability in the long run. Don’t get an agent who doesn’t care about your needs and only cares about making a sale. Only hire someone who wants to know your long-term plan. You also need to include other costs in the budget, not only the metal structure. 

Some of the factors included in the budgeting process are:

  • Land cost
  • Erection cost
  • Cost Utility 
  • Land Survey Fees
  • Site Preparation
  • Connection Fees

Not verifying the zoning and permit regulation

Cities have different rules and regulations for constructing steel buildings. You can’t just put up a steel building anywhere, anytime. You need to get a permit for it. You have to be careful because building regulations are often strict and non-negotiable even when  you already own the property. 

Reach out to the local official and building inspectors in your location. Make sure that your steel building meets all the requirements for local zoning, specific building codes, and others. Do not sign a contract before you have verified all the building loads. It’s best to do some research and plan your steel building beforehand. 

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